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Industries or factories using high-temperature machinery such as CNC machines, injection moulding machines, printing press or diagnostic machines are extremely susceptible to fire. Especially cutting, milling and grinding processes, which make use of oil-based cooling systems.

Even smaller equipment within these factories such as forklifts, generator engines and alternators always run the risk of overheating and sparking a blaze.

An undetected fire in a machine could easily spread to an adjacent one or even into the building's structure through the ducting and wiring. This often results in devastating damage. Using pre-installed sprinkler systems often doesn't do enough to save machinery; worse still, collateral damage can often take a toll far heavier than that of the original fire.

Freez Firz's Quick Response System is ever-vigilant and always ready to spring into action in case of a fire. Should a fire break out, the heat-sensitive pneumatic polymer tubing will detect the hottest point of the blaze and activate the system to douse the flames almost instantaneously.
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